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MİKVEL Irrigation Equipment was established in Konya, the city of Mevlana, the shining star of Anatolia, the cradle of history, the capital of Seljuk, the cradle of history, from the first day of 2013. Our company, which took important steps in the way of contract manufacturing between 2013 and 2016, decided to manufacture agricultural irrigation systems based on its experience in the first quarter of 2016. It has covered significant distances by aiming to become a global player in the targeted global world by making the necessary investments and by making the necessary investments. With our young, dynamic team with a horizon and a life purpose, it has become the reason of choice for the sector in the domestic and international markets in a very short time. Our company, which has adopted the customer-oriented best product, best service policy in line with the demands of the sector, will continue to R & D and production in line with this principle.

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