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Our company, which started its activities in the automotive sector in 1961, has been producing accumulators since 1985. With 52 years of experience, our company, which reflects its vast experience in the chemistry and automotive industry for more than half a century, has always been a preferred brand with the innovations and quality it brought to the production project. In this context, our company, which has reached a sales and service network in many points of Turkey and the TRNC, has exported its products abroad at various times and brought foreign currency to the national economy. Due to the responsibility of a company that has a vision and mission, it has given importance to continuous R&D studies, and as a result, it has developed the Deep Cycle Gel Battery for the first time in Turkey, besides the Starter battery, in order to respond to the newly emerging needs in parallel with the developing technology. Since this date, it has transformed into a corporate structure and continued its production by adding JELPOWER BATTERY brand to its body under the name of ACARTÜRK AKÜMÜLATOR LTD.ŞTİ. Our company, which has Domestic Goods and ISO quality certificates, has deep cycle (more discharged and refilled) Gel batteries, used in solar energy systems in order to be more environmentally friendly, as well as being used in vehicles working with electrical energy and marine vehicles, as well as wind energy, handicapped vehicles, golf vehicles and It is a battery model used in electric bicycles. It is also a source of pride for us to have saved Turkey from dependency on imports by producing these batteries with a wide range of usage portfolio. It resolutely fulfills its duty.

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