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Our company, which sets out with the slogan “Quality is today’s tomorrow” and sees customer-oriented working approach and customer satisfaction as the most basic business policy, continues its production and service approach without compromising these basic principles. Zeng Engineering Machinery Industry aims at a quality level that exceeds expectations in every product it produces and in the service it provides. The rapidly developing expectations of the users have further increased the importance of product and service development. Technological developments are monitored by technical units, and necessary arrangements are made rapidly in line with developments in design and production technologies. Zeng Engineering Machinery Industry, which managed to become one of the leading companies of the sector in a short time, started its import and export activities by keeping its target high and contributed to the country’s economy thanks to the exports it made. It meets error-free and timely at low cost. While doing all these, it attaches great importance to occupational health, safety and environmental conditions. Zeng Engineering Machinery Industry, which carries the quality to the highest level, is advancing to gain an unshakable place in the sector with its good knowledge and powerful equipment. We are always ready for the changes that will occur in the future with our structure and management system. We are waiting for you at our factory so that we can see our products more closely and be known and establish good business relations.
Bims & Briquette Machines
Paving Stone & Briquette Machines
Recycling – Pumice Crushers

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