Potato Harvesting Machines

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ÖZTELEFONCULAR Agricultural Machinery Ltd. Sti
Agricultural Machinery Industry. Ltd. Sti. It is a company established in 1985, specializing in the production of agricultural machinery, especially in the field of potato planting, harvesting and fertilizing machinery, using the newly developed technological infrastructure. With our qualified workforce with the spirit of satisfaction, our speed in service, our continuous improvement efforts, our understanding of providing the most perfect service, our creative, innovative and developer staff, our effort to become a brand in the sector; Closely following technological developments, explaining, training, giving serious and correct answers to questions, The solution is to provide an organization that protects the values ​​and principles of the society, is preferred, and is open to suggestions and criticism. ÖZTELEFONCULAR Tarım Makinaları Ltd. was established in 1985. Sti. It is a great help for our farmers with its own production of potato planting, removing and fertilizing machines, and it has enabled the farmer to get more products thanks to the spread and correct planting. Today, ÖZTELEFONCULAR AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY is one of the leading companies in its sector. In the researches made by the university in the production of high quality potatoes, there is 35% between mechanized planting and manual planting. It was determined that there was a production difference of . At the same time, it has been proven that the production quality of the vehicles used in mechanized cultivation has a direct effect on the product. http://oztelefoncular.com.tr

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