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Cylinder Sheet Bending Services
Cylinder bending processes are applied to your products in a professional way. As Murat Makina, we do the Cylinder Sheet Bending works with care. Our company, which makes all kinds of bending work in the desired size and diameter, provides service to every point of Turkey with its expert team. You can get an offer from Murat Makina, which offers you affordable prices, quality materials and professional workmanship. For more detailed information, you can contact us at our contact numbers.
Cylinder Sheet Bending
With our cylinder bending machine, it is possible to manufacture sheet metal with a metal cylinder structure of any size. We are able to offer a wide range of products to our customers, from the water downpipes of high buildings to the steel minarets of mosques. The features and advantages of asymmetrical and symmetrical bending machines are combined. It is possible to perform pre-bending on both sides at once. The hydraulic motor and planetary reducer system, equipped with 3 hydraulically driven rollers, are mounted on the rollers. Rollers, on the other hand, are mounted on bearings. In addition, the upper shaft cover that can be opened hydraulically is available in the system. The hydraulic and electrical systems are protected against overloads and are designed to require less maintenance. The hydraulic and electrical materials used in the machine are modular and are at world standards. All models are produced in accordance with European norms. As a part of our sheet metal cutting and bending work, we also offer cylinder bending services. As for the areas where it is used, we can count the minarets of the mosques, the downpipes of the water in the buildings and all other areas where the cylinder bending material will be used. Our expert employees in the field deliver your sheet bending work with our special machines with minimum error. We provide cylinder bending services in the desired diameters an

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