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Prodem Tarımsal Ürünleri Organik Fertilizer San. Trade Ltd.Şti has become a brand in Turkey and in the world with its growing structure every year in the plant nutrition and organic fertilizer sector for 17 years. Prodem is working with all its might to reach its goal with confident steps. Today, when the heavy damage caused by chemical fertilizers to our environment and our world is intensified, PRODEM has risen like a sun on our farmer brothers. The soil of our country, which is the apple of the eye of the world, has been exposed to heavy destruction due to unconscious consumption of chemical fertilizers and water, stubble burning, global warming, etc., the structure of our soil is deteriorating and its yield is decreasing from year to year. It helps our farmers to get better quality, more fertile products. Considering that our esteemed Producers and Farmers are producing by enduring all kinds of troubles with excessive costs or they are moving away from production due to some negativities and impossibilities, and the sensitivity that exists between them and their land; We want them to use this product persistently, claiming that we understand them. Prodem LTD.ŞTİ. We have adopted the principle of providing the highest quality service by performing field control with our experienced technical staff, wide sales network, logistics facilities and after-sales team in our modern production facility in the 1st Organized Industrial Zone in Konya. BENEFITS • High germination rate • Strong grass texture • Maximum resistance against diseases and pests • Maximum resistance against extreme temperatures and frost • Strong root and stem structure • High resistance against salt and thirst problems • Earliness feature • Increase in soil organisms • Fertilizer and pesticide availability increase• Better use of soil water and soil nutrient solution• Increase in flower drop in the plant• Increase in fertilization in the plant• Prevention of lime accumula

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