Medium Brush

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Our company became active in 2008 to reflect our 12 years of experience in manufacturing, production, quality, fast service, technical assistance, technology, experience and quality difference to produce brushes and spare parts of road sweeper vehicles. With its own production, our company makes the brushes of all kinds of road sweepers, machinery industry, glass industry, concrete parquet machines in a guaranteed way, with the aim of providing faster and higher quality service, on the day of production and delivery to the address. By knowing the tools that 12 years of effort and experience have given us, having sufficient knowledge as equipment, knowing which brush is used in which place and in what way, we produce and present the appropriate material to our valued customers, gain the satisfaction of our valued customers, save time, reduce costs and ANFISAN® Ankara Brush Machine Industry has been put into service to provide the fastest service. As we always say, our difference is our experience and quality.

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