Jaw Crusher

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Hardness and silica proportion of premiums used to break all kinds of high material and quarries and creeks are secondary crusher. GM – 03 and GM – GM-07 11 types of settings and jaw joint plate changes made with the help of mechanical system takes less time changes and reversals to the jaw. Jaw crushers are the most preferred primary crushers. Operating costs are low and all the parts can be supplied by us.Quarries or river is the pit-run material obtained from the bed, one fixed and one movable (16-18 mN) is the most preferred type of breaking compressing between two jaw crushers. mobile jaw crushing perform suspended from the body with the help of the eccentric drive shaft on heavy-duty bearings housed and supported in the jaw crusher body with safety plate. ellipse apartment near the movable jaw feeding mouth, while the output of a narrow ellipse drawing close to a straight line is moving up and down. This mode of operation of the above gripping the breaking of the material may be preferable to obtain below is to leave an outlet gaining momentum and therefore, the material flow sağlamaktadır.çenel crushers primary types of thin material as a secondary crusher as it used to break large stones. Material supply relatively narrow mouth opening with other types of primary crushers.

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