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MHM PROCESS MACHINE ; starts its facilities in the sector to contribute to country economics and Konya Industry.It subscribes under the lots of products with its experienced and technical staffs within 5 years. It intends increasing this quanity in the future without swerving its quality.Our company has guaranteed its experience, validty and reliability to our customer since it was established. It regularly develops the quality of its products and service to ensure better qualified products and more comprehensive support with high automation and flexible concepts.Our Products; Double Weighing Single Station Flour Packing Machine, Single Weighing Station Feed and Bran Packing Machine, Single Weighing Station Flour Packing Machine, Double Weighing Single Station Feed and Bran Packing Machine, Vitamine Dosing Machine, Type 25 Extraction Rate Scale, Type 50 Extraction Rate Scale, Type 150 Extraction Rate Scale.Our company, who has the necessary materials, information, team and equipment to fulfill their commitments on time and complete, aims to do the best at all times and raises customer satisfaction.Our main objective is to offer complete solutions from one contractor. Our company realize the plan, design, fabrication and installation completely in whichever category is. In accordance with the changing and evolving customer expectations, we have developed ourselves. We continue our facilities with the slogan “ High Quality and Economical Product” to the aim of reffering to our brand in required products and equipments in the today’s competitive market.www.mhmprosesmakina.com

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