• YETKİLİ KİŞİ: İhracat Departmanı
  • ADRES: Fatih Mah. 1191 Sk. No:17/A 35414 Gaziemir / İZMİR
  • TELEFON: 0 (232) 281 5404


Our company, which has been operating in the field of agricultural mechanization, which has a great importance in the development of our country’s agriculture since 1959, is used in various agricultural works such as preparation of the soil before planting, planting, aftercare and fertilization processes and harvesting; Such as Cultivator, Vibrating Bottom Boiler, Rotovator, Rotatiller, Seeder, Fertilizer Spreader, Interrow Hoeing Machine, Corn Silage Machine, Harvesting Machine, Grasshopper, Grass Spreader, Double Rotor Grass Harrower, Grass Rake Machine, Mulcher manufactures machines in accordance with the latest technology. Our company, which closely monitors the technological developments in the world, is always next to our farmers and at the service of the country’s agriculture with its quality machines in accordance with the standards and the applications made in the field. Due to the dependence of agriculture on natural conditions, the risk and uncertainty are high, the elasticity of supply and demand for agricultural products is low, the agricultural production periods are longer and concentrated at certain times compared to other sectors, the preservation and storage of agricultural products can only be done under certain conditions and in time, incomes from agricultural activities The agricultural sector is supported in our country and in the world because it is low compared to other sectors. tarim2The purpose of agricultural mechanization is to reduce the cost of the work done by increasing the efficiency of the human labor force. This is achieved by directly reducing the time spent per unit of work or indirectly increasing the efficiency obtained from the unit area. Agriculture Thanks to mechanized agriculture, engine power, which is much stronger than human power, is utilized. Operations such as tillage, sowing, planting, harvesting, threshing, transportation, processing are done better with the machine. For example, lands that cannot be used for agricultural purposes are opened to agriculture with a stone collecting machine. Thanks to the machines, the harvest of the product is done on time without being affected by climatic conditions. In order to use water more efficiently, the biggest task again falls on agricultural mechanization equipment, such as a drip irrigation system, a sprinkler irrigation system. Agricultural mechanization tools are divided into two main groups as force and work machines. Tractor has the most important position as a force machine in the agricultural mechanization system. In addition, a significant portion of mechanization investments belong to the tractor. For the reasons listed, the tractor is the most important indicator taken into account in determining the agricultural mechanization levels of the countries.



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