• YETKİLİ KİŞİ: Hüseyin Karagöz
  • ADRES: Çorum Organize Sanayi Bolgesi 8. Cadde No: 5 ÇORUM - MERKEZ
  • TELEFON: 0 (364) 254 9793


SER Casting Machinery is an iron-steel casting company who focuses to
serve on heavy industries, such as cement industry, energy power plants,
rail road and wagon manufacturing industries, mining industries, general
machinery companies. Company’s expertise focuses on raw material and
mineral crushing parts, abrassion resistant steels, stainless and nodular
cast iron parts.

The company is founded on 2006 at Çorum Organized Industrial Area by
Mr. Huseyin Karagoz who is former parliamentarian and renowned
personality of Turkish steel casting industry. Çorum is a medium size
industrial Turkish city located in region known as Central Black Sea
area. The city is 180 km away from Samsun, 250 km away from Ankara
and 600 km away from Istanbul.

Ser Casting Machinery has the capability of producing high quality steel,
gray cast iron and nodular iron casting from 8kg to 7500 kg net weight for
single piece. By 2019, annual capacity of the company is 400 tons/year.
Also the company can perform all processes such as pattern design,
molding, casting, cleaning, sand blasting, machining, assembly, quality
controls and NDT inspections on the house. NDT inspections are
performed by Level-2 inspector certified by Sector Cert Germany. quality
control labs are exceptionally well equipped with advanced capabilities.
Also experimental heat treatment furnace allow the company to run R&D
experiments for quality improvement.

Today, the company is one of the three largest and most trusted verified
suppliers of the cement industry and one of the leading suppliers of
railway industries in Turkey. Also, mining industry and energy power
plants are in the substantial part of the company’s customer portfolio.

Company’s vision is becoming a steadily serving reliable extension of it’s
customers and building, mutually beneficial, everlasting bonds with them.
The company values ​​the network and cooperation established with
customers as much as business and trade opportunities it self.
Therefore customer statisfaction and brand reliability is always in the
center of company’s business model.

To achieve such goal, company’s mission can be defined as always
prioritizing the benefits of the customers and serving customers the
highest quality products with optimal prices. As a company policy the
biggest contribution can be created for customers is supporting them for
smooth continuity of their operations.

As Ser Casting Machinery, we hope to become one of your approved
suppliers and build mutually benefitting, everlasting relationships with you
as we did with our customers until today.



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