• YETKİLİ KİŞİ: Ali Eroğlu
  • ADRES: 2. Organize San. Böl. 1. Cd. No:4 Akdeniz Mersin
  • TELEFON: 0 (324) 290 0101


Today, the starting point of our organization is to bring some mobility into sedentary lives and to physically integrate people with nature. The reason for our formation is to build a bridge between the environment and people. The playgrounds, pergolas, arbours, bridges, fitness equipment we placed inside this bridge are our designs that serve this purpose.

Bringing a new breath to the understanding of design and play, the Park Dizayn family was established with an effort to make significant contributions to child development by putting natural materials in the center. It aims to color life with its designs that leave effective traces on the spiritual development of children.

The most important issue for our vision and mission-driven organization is security. Our organization, which prioritizes human life and children’s health from its own earnings, is especially meticulous about playgroups. This sensitivity has led us to meet with architects and child development experts who are experts in their fields. Our company, which offers rich color options besides original designs, keeps our products under control at every stage of the production phase. No product can be assembled without testing. Our organization, which offers both a fun and safe development opportunity, has proven with these studies that children’s health is at the center.

Our company, which does not ignore adult health as well as child development, continues to serve public health with the fitness equipment it produces with the same quality. It has opened the fitness centers to the public by bringing a new perspective to the physical movements of people, which are limited only to treadmills in urban life. Park Dizayn, which supports all kinds of muscle development with the tools it makes, creates new designs with the fitness tools it has created in line with the recommendations of health experts.

Our company, which provides services in the field of environmental regulation as well as human health, draws attention especially with the quality of the wooden materials it uses. Special designs created in bridges, arbors and pergolas, which are the result of the shaping of wood by skilled hands, contribute to the creation of environments where people can relax and find themselves. The products that you can follow up to the construction and assembly stages are produced with the support of landscape architects.

Our products, which are approved by the Turkish Standards Institute, are guaranteed for two years and their designs have attracted great attention at fairs. Park Dizayn, which draws attention with the perspective it has opened on child and adult health as well as giving a contemporary look to urban life, will continue to develop its vision and mission in line with your wishes.



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