• YETKİLİ KİŞİ: İhracat Departmanı
  • ADRES: Taşhan cad. Taşhan 1 sok. no:7 Çorum/Merkez
  • TELEFON: 0 (364) 333 0999


CorporateHacı Mehmet Gülşen, representative of Gülşen Gıda A.Ş. Three generations ago, laid the foundations of the company in 1923. Having worked for long years in this business and earned the blessings of his masters before opening his own firm, passed the flag with his death in 1982 to his son and apprentice Burhan Gülşen. The only son of Burhan Gülşen, Mustafa Gülşen then discontinued his education, and began to work with his father. Wholesaling to surrounding provinces and districts began in years 1975-76. In order to become a strong wholesaler in the region, the firm expanded its wholesale distribution network and regions. In 1990, the family business was organized under “Gülşen Gıda Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi”. After year 2000, Gülşen Gıda commenced a restructuring process for retail stores, and increased the number of stores in Çorum to a total of 5, 4 for retailing and 1 for wholesaling by year 2005. As of 2011, the number of stores in Çorum reached to 8, whereas the first franchise store outside Çorum was opened at the end of 2011 in Ankara. The “Premium Store” opened on Çorum entrance of the Ankara-Samsun road is the largest store of the firm. Gülşen Foods’ offerings are not limited to Roasted Chickpeas and Dried Nuts and Fruits. In order to contribute to the promotion of Çorum eggs and the local food of Çorum, and to provide for all food and beverage needs of the visitors to stop by, a boutique store with the brand “YUMURTACI” is opened with the slogan “ALL FORMS OF EGG”. The construction of a new plant began in 2006 with a view to improving the technical structure of the firm, and the production in the new plant began in the spring of 2007, in line with the quality system certificates sought after throughout the world. Today, the quality and specifications of the packaging are at least as important as those of the product. The awareness of this fact supports the R&D activities about packaging, with the assistance of a growing range of solution partners Gülşen Gıda, having set its targets with the will to specialize in its field in mind, procured new concept designs for retail stores to allow the establishment of a franchising system for the branches to be opened in provinces other than Çorum. In addition to its network of dealers, Gülşen Gıda is also engaged in private label distribution with national chains to ensure the nation-wide distribution of its branded products. Moreover, various gift packages are developed for outlets at hotels, cafés, airports, road side restaurants, and local products stores. Foreign trade is also amongst the focus fields of study of the firm. In this context, the firm attends national and international fairs, and is engaged in activities to further the developments in the field. In particular, the last 3 years’ efforts led to exports to 10 countries in various parts of the world. The demand from within and outside the country met with a wide range of products, packaging, and flexibility and quick response sets us apart from the competitors. This point is voiced numerous times by our customers in the business, as well as by ordinary consumers. Roasted chickpeas and dried nuts and fruits production technology built on ninety years of experience, a wide range of products, and innovative packaging designs allow us, as the 3rd generation of the firm, to offer healthy products for consumers of all ages, in order to improve the reliable brand image in the business, and to achieve a respectable place in various markets all over the world.



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