• YETKİLİ KİŞİ: İhracat Departmanı
  • ADRES: İstiklal Mahallesi Haymanayolu Caddesi No:15 06900 Polatlı / ANKARA
  • TELEFON: 0 (312) 625 5290


The work, which started as an agricultural machinery repair workshop in the 1960s by 4 brothers with the surname TEKBAŞ, later continued with the construction of additional axles for trucks. In the 1970s, when the repair of grain seeding machines, which were imported to our country, began to be mainly carried out, the manufacture of some parts of these machines became a necessity. The knowledge gained during the part manufacturing process led the brothers to machine manufacturing. Finally, the first seed drill with the TEKBAŞ brand was launched. In those years, the shortage of machinery, as well as the low number of manufacturers, enlarged the business rapidly, and the high demand led the partners to incorporation. Finally, in 1975, EKER-MAK Agricultural Tools Manufacturing and Trade Ltd. Sti. The foundation of today’s company was completed. The company, which initially made production in a rented workshop in the city center of POLATLI, moved to its current building in 1980. The factory, which produced only Combined Grain Sowing Machine until 1986, decided to increase its production range after that and realized the mass production of Agricultural Trailers in 1986, Screw Conveyors in 1990, Disc Fertilizer Spreaders in 1992 and Crowbar Cultivators in 1993. The emergence of the need for machinery for irrigated agriculture with the introduction of GAP led the company to produce the needed machinery, and in 1996 it realized the production of Combined Cotton Sowing Machine. Our company, which carries out joint R&D studies with the Ministry of Agriculture, produces chickpeas, corn, soybeans, beans, etc. with its Combined Grain Sowing Machines. It was put into the service of our farmers in 1998 by developing multi-purpose seed cells that can plant large-grained seeds as well. The factory, which was built as a closed area of ​​1,500 m² on an open area of ​​15,000 m² in 1980, reached a closed area of ​​4,600 m² in 1998 with the increase in its production capacity and variety. This expansion in the closed area has also allowed to increase the amount of workbenches and has become one of the first companies to use computer-equipped workbenches such as fully automatic CNC lathe, CNC vertical machining center, CNC plasma in the agricultural machinery manufacturing industry by keeping up with the developing technology in recent years. The import of double-wheel drive high-power tractors, which started to increase rapidly especially in 1997, and the increase in demand for these tractors brought along the problem of equipment suitable for such tractors. A partnership was established with foreign companies (Amazonen-Werke, Lemken, etc.) in 1998 in order to import these equipment needs in the first place and then to manufacture them, and these equipments were offered to the service of our farmers with a service guarantee, for promotional purposes. EKER-MAK, whose aim is to produce the agricultural machinery needed by Turkey and other countries in the best quality and to put them on the market under the most favorable conditions possible, is one of the companies that allocate the largest share to research and development in Turkey’s agriculture today. Our company, which has a machine production capacity of 2000 units / year, has become a sought-after brand by our farmers in terms of quality production and is one of the largest agricultural mechanization companies in Turkey.



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