• YETKİLİ KİŞİ: İhracat Departmanı
  • ADRES: Mermer Org. Sanayi Bölgesi 03750 İscehisar / AFYONKARAHİSAR - TÜRKİYE
  • TELEFON: 0 (272) 341 2250


DEMMAK Demireller Mak, one of the leading companies in the sector in marble machinery. Singing. and Tic. Inc. It started its production in a small workshop in Iscehisar district of Afyon province in 1944. Ash, mortar, lever, nail, sledgehammer, etc. used in the processing of Turkish marble, which was deemed necessary in the construction of the monumental tomb, which was decided to be built for the great leader Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK in Ankara Anıttepe. Necessary hand tools for marble quarries such as Later on, they continued their activities with the production of mechanical jacks, car manufacturing, repair-maintenance, agricultural tools by developing their product range. In 1979, the 300-ton Hydraulic Jack (Titano), manufactured by Şuayp DEMİREL Teknik Hydraulic Machine Industry, broke new ground in the marble quarries sector, and with this enthusiasm and excitement, 2-legged ST was manufactured in 1982. ST, which was commissioned at the Şuayp Demirel Marble Factory, has been a good reason to enter the marble sector. Subsequently, Diamond Wire Cutting Machines started to be produced in order to increase the production in marble quarries and to produce quality blocks. In 1987, DEMMAK Demireller Mak. Singing. and Tic. Inc. activities were continued. DEMMAK Demireller Mak, which has been increasing and developing its production types in line with the needs of the sector since this year. Singing. and Tic. Inc. The following productions have been made in the last period: 80 Laminated Elevator Slats, Double Armed 75 Laminated Slats, Plate cutting lines, Plate wiping lines, 4-legged and two-legged ST, Tile line, Tile sizing line, Horizontal splitting machine, Edge processing (chamfer) machine, Polishing machines, Block turning, Filling machine, Arm chain cutting machine and all quarry equipments and machines. Our productions such as Diamond Wire Cutting, Counting, Air Hole Drilling, Hydraulic Jack as marble quarry machines work in every region of the world and are indispensable machines of the marble industry. is in great demand.
DEMMAK, keeping the quality in the forefront, has started automation by giving importance to hydraulic-pneumatic systems in order to increase the product variety and capacity, as well as to have efficient serial works and to minimize the labor. Manual systems are tried not to be used unless it is compulsory, and safety systems are kept in the foreground, especially in the machines to prevent work accidents. All new products are tested in our own quarries and factories and their deficiencies are determined. All necessary R&D and quality controls are provided to those in need with perfect perfection. Our machines sold are guaranteed for 1 year. Spare parts guarantee, repair-maintenance services are provided without any problems and without loss of time. DEMMAK, which has been the pioneer of the sector for 69 years, will maintain its principle of not sacrificing quality for many years with all its manufacturing types in its product range. It exports approximately 65% ​​of its production to Central Asian Countries (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan), Middle East countries (Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Algeria, Morocco) and some European states. With its experience, it will have a share in the development of the country by producing and exporting machines at European standards in the transition period to the European Union, with the determination and determination to always do its part in the development and growth of the country and region, in the development and growth of the sector.



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