• YETKİLİ KİŞİ: Mehmet Turhan Yıldırım
  • ADRES: Melih Gökçek Bulvarı 1445. Cadde No:20 İvedik Yenimahalle/ANKARA
  • TELEFON: 0 (312) 385 5875


Berk Sanayi Bolts was established in 2015 in Ankara Ostim Organized Industrial Zone with the aim of manufacturing and supplying high quality bolts and fasteners to the automotive and construction machinery sector. As a vision of Berk Sanayi Bolts; As an organization that is young, dynamic, innovative, contributing to the country’s economy, aware of its responsibilities towards society and the environment, adopting sustainable development as a principle, and preferred in the sector in terms of technology and quality in a short time, our goal is to be the best solution partner with products and services that will provide the highest benefit to our customers. and to ensure continuous customer satisfaction. Berk Sanayi Bolts makes fast and safe deliveries to the factories, workshops and construction sites of our valued customers at home and abroad, both with our own vehicles and with cargo and transportation warehouses. , aims to achieve the best, the most accurate, and the best service provided to it, in the shortest way. ACCURACY, RESPECT and TRUST are our unchanging service policies. OUR VISION: Areas that will make our country and us stronger in profit and efficiency by closely following the developments in the world. to invest in, to achieve success and positive results in every field we invest in; to carry the success we have achieved in the national market to the international platform and to continue it there; BERK SANAYİ CIVATA’s vision is to act by adopting the philosophy that in order to grow more and stay big by contributing to the economy, employment and production, it is the vision of BERK SANAYİ CIVATA. OUR MISSION: To create value for our country, our customers, our business partners and our employees, to respond to their expectations with quality and stability , to go further with each passing day with new investments and breakthroughs, to stay true to integrity and honesty in every step we take, to follow the developing technologies closely and apply them in the light of contemporary management principles, to offer products and services at international standards by exceeding customer expectations, and to ensure development and continuity in all conditions. It constitutes the mission of BERK CIVATA.
Justice – We are a family that acts with a sense of right and justice in our business and relationships. Morality – We have high moral standards. We do not tolerate immoral methods and practices in our activities. Reputation – We keep our reputation above everything else, we do not sacrifice it for any material benefit. Respect – We see differences as wealth and reject all kinds of discrimination. Solidarity – We support each other in good and bad times, we work shoulder to shoulder. Human Focus – We believe that success is possible and meaningful with people. We always aim to develop people and make them happy.



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